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About Alappuzha :

Alappuzha, the beautiful destination of Kerala is historically important too. Alappuzha is also known as the 'Venice of East'. The story behind the origin of this name is very interesting. During the British Era, Lord Curzon visited Alappuzha (Alleppey) and seeing the beauty of this place, he addressed Alappuzha as 'Venice of the East'. Kuttanad, the 'rice-bowl' of Kerala was known from the Sangam periods itself. It is said that the early, 'Cheras' were known as 'Kuttuvans', as they had their home at 'Kuttanad'. In the litrerary work, 'Unnineeli Sandhesham', you can see the ancient Alappuzha. Other than this stone inscriptions and historical monuments in temples, churches etc gives some evidences about the history of Alappuzha.

Raja Kesavadas made further headway in attracting business men from various parts of the country including those from Bombay, Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. He encouraged them to settle in the land and bestowed upon them every favour that they required for setting up their business and for building up their industrial empire. Two parallel canals, commercial canal and vadaicanal with the ramifying system of waterways were built for the easy transportation of goods to the port as well as to the western countries.

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